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31 12 2009
Lindsay Adams


Glad that you are back in town! I bet you’re having fun and skiing is going really well. . . . I guess you are getting ready for the world tour again and I wish you all the best.

Hope to see you before you disappear.


P.S. you can call me if you want. . .4171.

20 02 2010

The Vancouver Olympics are awesome!!
The downhill is a huge challenge…so many wipeouts
so on to California …lots of sun there
way to go ladies
we are going to the Caribbean soon.

25 03 2010

I aspire to you ! you go girl, taking womens skiing to new heights!!! rip it up 🙂 xx

26 03 2010

Just wanted to ask you if you want to shred Hintertux tomorrow…or are you still doing the skiing test? We should get some snow tonight, so it should be good to get some nice turns…

have a good one


1 08 2010

Congrats on the new sponsorship! Have fun heli-skiing you luck girl. Fernie is full of sun and biking here but it looks like we are getting all our precipitation at the wrong time of year.

See ya around,


12 10 2010
Iain Dutton

Nice site. Jacqui and I will miss seeing you this year. Good luck with all the comps. we know you will be champion.

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