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Five-time Volkl NZ Open Freeski Champion. Two-time Canadian Ledcor freeski Champion and to top off this year 2009 World Heli Challenge Champion. What more does one need to say? How about one of the greatest professional female skiers of all time? Or one of the most confident big mountain female skiers out there? Janina’s achievements on the snow speak for herself and she works dam hard for what she has achieved.

Janina, or ‘G’ as she is known to friends, grew up all over the world, from Papua New Gunia to Borneo to Australia. Australian born but resides in Wanaka New Zealand and now a New Zealand freeski team member, has always had a love for the mountains. Ripping around Fernie BC as a kid seeing all the guys tearing up the mountain didn’t let intimidation on the ski field stand in her way. Instead, she used the pressure and fear as motivation to rise up and dominate the women’s competitive scene.   

 She made her first appearance in 2005 competing on the Canadian Freeski tour winning both Lake Louise and Fernie stops. Not only does this girl compete in the Big Mountain scene but also can shred in the park having many podiums in slopestyle and pipe. This season Janina became the first women to win a Big Mountain and Pipe title in the NZ open. Janina is undoubtedly one of the best there is.



2 responses

28 01 2010
Sandy and Bernie

Hey Team Kuzma!!
Love it!!
Hope 2010 brings the win for both of you…..
love from 2nd Ave. in Fernie

15 08 2010

go girls!!!

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