Helicopters and Halfpipes

6 09 2011

It’s been the busiest week so far this season with so much going on. Heli skiing, cat skiing, trying to get in some pipe training and The NZ Freeski Open. What a week in the office 😉

Yesterday I had a spectacular day in the mountains. I was heli skiing with The North Face crew flying with Harris Mountain Heli. We had two amazing guides, Geoff Small, Whitney Thurlow, photographer Camilla Stoddart, filmer Tim Pierce, Athletes Mitchey Greig, Fraser Mcdougall and last but not least Steve Whinacott from TNF. We flew out of Wanaka over the lake right into Mt Aspiring National Park. We covered some good ground and got to ski some big lines…

Last Friday the 2nd of September I headed over to Queenstown to fly again with Harris Mountain Helis. This time to ski a little mellower ski terrain with the Chinese TNF crew. Again I flew with athlete Mitchey Greig and Steve Winnacott  from TNF to meet the party of 13 from The North Face China. We were very lucky to fly from Queenstown airport over Lake Wakatipu up into the mountain range. It was another fantastic day in the mountains.

To start the weekend last Saturday the 3rd of September was the NZ freeski Open Half Pipe. It was a strong field of women competing and I finished up in 3rd place. Very HAPPY!!

Have another TNF trip coming up. Will keep you posted.

The North Face NZ Freeski Open Halfpipe Podium

Mitchy Greig and I with some of the The North Face Athletes China

Mitchey Greig looking over Lake Wakatipu Queenstown

Getting ready to fly today with The North Face - 5th September

Flying over Lake Wanaka

We skied this gnarly face today. Mt Tyndall




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