Happy and sad at the same time….

4 03 2011

What a week it’s been. Right now we are sitting in Heathrow Airport in London. Really tiered and can’t wait to get back to Austria.

First off I just want to pass on my condolences to Ryan’s Hawks family and friends. I only briefly met him and he was such a nice guy. RIP buddy.

Next I want to send my best wishes to my good friend Marja. I hope you’re not in too much pain. Heal fast chicka.

We arrived in Kirkwood on Wednesday, just before a snowstorm hit. We received 42inches in two days, using up both weather days. The storm cleared for us to wake up to a blue bird morning. The conditions were perfect.

This year the organizers switched it up. Day one was one the left side of the Cirque and day 2 (finals) was to be held on the right side of the Cirque.

I had two awesome days of skiing and came in 2nd place still holding onto my 2nd spot over all on the tour.

Next Stop Nendaz Freeride and then Verbier…The finals of the Freeride World Tour!!!








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