24 02 2011

Bacon glorious bacon…No cured bacon or smoked bacon…just NORMAL bacon. Don’t get me wrong -I love the food in Europe, but I was so excited to get to America to eat some bacon…also to get some pow since it’s been pretty dry in Austria. As soon as Chris and I left Austria I got an email saying that it was dumping in Mayrhofen. Dam… We just cant seem to get it right, but I shouldn’t complain since Tahoe just got whole bunch of snow and it looks like it’s going to dump again on Thursday and Friday.  Did I mention Kirkwood got 3 meters last week…Finally some good snow for the comp.

On our first flight over from Munch to London we were lucky enough to share the flight with the fastest man on the planet ‘Usain Bolt’. I was so star struck…I was too embarrassed to ask for his autograph. But I did stand next to him on the shuttle bus. haha

Right now we’re driving down the 395 bound for Kirkwood Ski Resort. I’ve got registration today and first comp day is scheduled for the 25th depending on weather conditions.

Thoughts and prayers for all the people affected in the recent Christchurch earthquake. It’s so sad that they have had to go through this awful tragedy.

FWT Comp Face






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24 02 2011

Home Sweet Home…enjoy!!

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