Back from an epic trip with The North Face

29 08 2010

After just recently signing with The North Face this season, I was lucky to get invited on an adventure/story camping out on one of the surrounding glaciers of New Zealands biggest mountain, Mt. Cook.

1st night out on the glacier

We had a party of nine being 4 athletes, 2 photogs, 2 guides and our marketing manager from TNF.   It was a very challenging trip with us hiking and skinning for all our lines, carrying all our equipment, camping out on top of a glacier in North Face Summit winter tents, hiking over two glaciers over two days, climbing over mountain passes, edging our way over gnarly ridges, hauling ourselves through native New Zealand shrubbery, walking barefooted through glacier river run outs and making our way down to the valley bottom to a mustering hut.

Memorial Hut. 2nd night... and we were warm!

Can’t give away the whole story so I’m going to have to stop there.
It was a great experience and I’m glad to have done it with the best crew.
Keep you posted for when the story  and vid is out.

Working hard for lines. Didn't get to where I wanted to go but managed to get some good light

Me and Mitchy on the ridge top

Chalrie is stoked!




One response

29 08 2010

That sounds and looks like a super sweet trip! Looking forward to winter so much, I can’t wait to be back on snow! x

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