13 08 2010

The last three days have been my most epic days this season. Some members of the Volkl international team set off to Temple Basin for a 3 day filming/shooting mission and we shredded every single line that we could hike.

Temple Basin Goods Lift

The crew consisted of Camila Stoddart( Whiteroom Pictures) , Jase Hancox (Basket productions), Callan, and the Volkl team, Ane Enderud, Aline Bock, Sam Smoothy, Fraser Macdogal and myself.

We left early Monday morning driving up the west coast to get to Temple Basin hoping to make it for 2pm for the goods lift. After some car issues, we all managed to get there just in time to pack our gear into the tiny lift and send it up to the lodge.

Our gear in the goods lift

Our first day skiing was epic. We got some great footage, climbed some gnarly ridges and had a great idea to summit Temple Buttress before the sun set, so we could get the perfect pink light to shoot. Little did I know it was going to take a while to hike up the knife edge ridge, and our mission to ski it in the perfect light was an experience that I was not going to embrace this time around. I skied my line in the dusk with no sunlight and was stoked!

Fraser getting to his line ' Upper Bills'

Temple Buttress

Our second day was just as good, waking up to another blue bird day. For those who don’t know Temple Basin, you have to hike for the goods. So once again we hiked our little butts off. We decided that we were going to summit Mt. Temple and ski it in the pink light. The weather came in and I didn’t catch the light but I skied off Mt. temple and had the run of my season so far.

Hike up to Mt. Temple...Nice clear sky

Top off Mt. Temple...Weathers come in




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