Off the Road

28 03 2010

I’ve had a busy 2 weeks on the road and finally I’m back in Austria. It started off on the 12th of March where I took a train to Dornbin Austria. I got picked up by my good friend Simon Wohlgenannt and we both drove to Nendaz, Switerlaznd for the Nezdaz Freeride. I didn’t win but got the sickbird award and walked away with a watch worth $12000 swiss fracs and got 2nd place. (Anyone keen to buy a watch off me???)

Next stop Sebastian Hannemann and I travelled to Verbier to shoot with Yves Garneau and to watch the Verbier Extremes. The conditions were not the best but we worked with what we had and got some sweet shots. The weather  for the Verbier Extremes wasn’t the best but we got to watch the ladies throw down and nearly half of the mens field before the weather came in and they had to call it quits. Verbier was a blast but it was highway robbery. Everything is so expensive! So it was time to leave after a week and off to Diedamskopf back in Austria with Jackie Paaso and Seb Hannemann for a week of shooting and ski testing for a German ski mag. It’s been a hell of a ride these last two weeks and I’m glad to be sleeping in my own bed again.

I’m going to have to leave Austria and will be on the road again, but only for a few days. Off to Italy Asolo on Monday with Jackie travelling to the Dalbello boot factory. New boots!!!

1st big drop in the finals. Nendaz Freeride

2nd Place

Me and my new watch that i'm trying to sell...any takers?

Marc Walker, Neil Williams and Pete Oswald made this sweet banner




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