Christmas spirit, touring and fresh pow

31 12 2009

With the holidays in full force and the snow pack becoming a little safer I’ve started touring outside of Fernie’s ski resort and checking out the local slack country. It’s great to get out for a walk when the ski hill is busy and all the fresh powder is nowhere to be seen.

My first day touring I hooked up with some good friends Kevin Lux and Jimmy Long. Their plan was to ski Mongolia Headwall. I’d actually never skied the line that they had planned to do. That’s what I love about Fernie. Your always skiing new lines each season.

As we approached our line ‘fallopian tube’ we decided to dig a snow pit just to see what was going on in the snow pack. It all looked good to go. Kev dropped in and gave it a hard ski cut. The result was just some hard sluffage. It was bommer. After watching Jimmy disappear into the line and hearing him hollering as he came out we knew it was good to go. Thanks boys it was an awesome day!

The next day a crew of nine hooked up for a hike to ski more fresh powder outside the resort. We ended up having to ditch one of the crew since he thought it was a great idea to stick plastic bags to the bottom of his skins. Note to self…it doesn’t work!

As for xmas we had a huge Christmas dinner catering for 20 people and a turkey that weighted in at 22 pounds (10 kg). I’ve been eating turkey all week! After our big feed we all sat down by the fire and exchanged out secret Santa presents. With our secret Santa draw you could either choose to  pick a present from under the tree when it was your turn or you could steal a present from someone else. I ended up with the game Yatzee. It got stolen. I’ve never actually played yatzee before…I ended up with some yummy coffee beans. Yay coffee.

Right now it’s snowing pretty hard outside. Looks like it’s going to be a sweet pow day tomorrow. And for the next couple days 🙂

Also one of my mates is running for the next Lange girl. She needs as many votes as possible by the 15th of January. Vote for her at

Hope every one has a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Fernie under a sea of cloud. So nice to be in the sun

We skied from the top of the peak down to the shoot in the middle

Another angle of Fallopian Tube

Digging a snow pit. Good to go.

Our Christmas tree!

We had 20 people over for Xmas dinner... you should of seen the turkey!




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30 10 2010
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